Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Application of Power Points within the Classroom


Simply running out of time now to get through this vast amount of information I am new to. I enjoy power point but have never used all the tools in the power point tutorial. Having used the very basics in a lesson before, I have found power point a great way to engage students with pictures and information. I ran out of time to construct a lesson on power point. Something like that usually takes me about a week, especially when it comes to embedding the dimensions of learning within a lesson.

Using a range of media would be great and I know students would be engaged within such a lesson. Something like this does take much time to do properly and would be too time consuming for a teacher to do every lesson. I have found the most important thing to do when using power point is to use an effective framework, otherwise students get lost in the direction of the lesson.

What do you think?

From Paul Jak.

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