Sunday, August 30, 2009

Uncle Ernie's Indigenous Perspectives


Although Uncle Ernie's indigenous perspectives outline this area of our culture adequately, there is no specific explanation of the subtopics.  For example Grant (n.d., p. 53) states "reserves" a subtopic under "land" which could mean reserves of land for aborigines today or reserves of food and/or water within the land.  Just mentioning "reserves" is not clear enough for teaches who have never experienced this culture before.  I think it's a great beginning but doesn't explain each term in-depth enough to give all students a better understanding.
When considering healing racism and prejudice toward indigenous people and building reconciliation, I do not believe Ernie's framework and the article by Davis and Grose (2008) is sufficient enough to effectively and consistently perform a task such as this because there is inadequate depth of details and minimal amounts of information provided.
What do you think?
Paul Jak.
Reference List
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