Sunday, August 30, 2009


In my classes I would use a large variety of technologies including forums and blogs for students to develop information, as well as wiki’s to combine information.
Voki Avatars are great especially for younger students who can’t read but can apply voice to their Avatars.

Google Earth is great for geography in finding real life places, mapping, graphing and the list goes on.

Interactive whiteboards can be used for any subject to interact with students.

Video could be great for drama or simply hooking students into the lesson. Video from other sources and even self made video can be convenient for specific areas where the exact video from UTube for example can’t be found, although it is always best practice to find videos on real world events affecting students.

Flikr is great with so many free pictures; any subject involving a power point can be improved with related pictures.

Power point of course can be used for any subject but to engage students power points must be simple and fast paced.

Animations and simulations again can be directed toward almost all subjects and creates a fresh change from the regular technologies students are familiar with.

Quizzes are always great because all levels of primary school and even high school always like to solve fun problems. Quizzes can also be used to find past and learnt knowledge, for tests and to challenge students within the dimensions of learning.

Webquests again can be used for any subject. Although time consuming if created in a way that engage all students Webquests can help students build knowledge, remember better (if visual learners) and be so engaged that behaviour management is almost non-existent.

Podcasting and music on the web can be a great hook and can be used in subjects where music was written for political awareness, public awareness of world events, topics of family life and even to tackle simple maths such as through using children’s music. Music can also be used in a class that works well with quiet background noise, as a reward for students as they work quietly in a nearby room, for spelling as students spell words from their favourite song/s and the list goes on with songs like “we didn’t start the fire” by Billy Joel to link past icons and time periods to environmental issues in SOSE.

From Paul Jak.

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