Saturday, August 29, 2009

Re: Connectivism

Hi Paul,
Yes I understand now the point you are making, and yes connectivism is really not possible without ubiquitous access to the technology.
The costs are, however, coming down with good quality notebooks available for $300 to $450 AUS, rather than the thousands of a couple of years ago.
The digital divide argument is worth a look and fits, to some extent, with your points. Although these days the gap is more around top end equipment rather than entry level. Even in developing countries the growth in Internet availability is astounding.
There will always be arguments of equity regardless of the point in history, but being connected is becoming cheaper and available to many more people everyday.
A key issue in Australia is the bandwidth available to schools and the artificially inflated costs of home Web access controlled by Telstra.
Thanks again for your post.

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