Saturday, August 29, 2009

Re: Emerging Technologies

Hi All,
Stuart, you describe some but not all of the issues that can and do cause problems with delivering 21 st century learning to 21st century students. I'm sure we all agree that change brings with it risks, immense costs, fear and discomfort for those of us that are not conversant with the new ways, however would any of us consider that kids should be prevented from learning by using technologies that many are already safely using away from school?
I agree with Scott's proposal that access be scaled up according to student progress, with serious penalties for those that break the rules. Children need to be taught how to identify risks in their everyday lives. Just as we teach children to cross the road alone safely, we must also teach them to access knowledge safely. As students mature, we need to trust them to make informed decisions, based on how well we have taught them to think critically. Internet safety and issues of access are really up to us as teachers of the future to guide students to take risks without compromising their safety.
All the best, Sharon

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