Thursday, August 27, 2009

Applying wiki in the classroom


Not enjoying my E-learning experience after my wiki username and password disappeared. After creating another one it seems to be working now. I find it all overwhelming. For someone who knows nothing about this it feels like a never ending mountain that I’m climbing and the more I climb the more I see I have to do. On the other hand when I reach the end of my first assignment I know I will reach a summit and be able to look down the mountain and see the wonderful view of what is possible in the classroom.

The best thing is the opportunity to link with other teachers and share our ideas and creations. I have recently linked with a current teacher and received some great ideas. This is so helpful and as Wenger says ‘you develop a variety of resources or a continual shared practice’ (Wenger, n.d).

After thinking about wikis application in the classroom, having students post ideas to one wiki may not be the best idea because some students may copy or simply post minimal information. Maybe students all have their own wiki which they are marked on and once all students have put adequate information on their own wiki, then a whole class wiki is developed for a large amount of information on one topic. To be honest I don’t really know the best application for wikis in the classroom and haven’t found any really good ideas on the learning place website or by googling either.

Do you know any good websites for application of wiki in the classroom?

From Paul Jak

Wenger, E. (n.d). Communities of Practice – a brief introduction. Retrieved August 25, 2009, from

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