Sunday, August 30, 2009

Re: Uncle Ernie's Indigenous Perspectives

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I think Uncle Ernie’s overall plan is good but simply more explanation on all areas so teachers teach the right thing for no disrespect to be given to the Aboriginal Culture because if teachers are teaching the wrong thing then this concept will be passed down to the next generation of Australians.

I would definitely use the teacher cross-cultural awareness training as it is much more in-depth and sets out clearly what to teach. An example can be found at:

So the above covers more specific examples of the aboriginal culture but when it comes to reconciliation, Reconciliation Australia says the most important points for reconciliation today are ‘Respect, relationships, opportunities, tracking progress and reporting’ (Australian Government, 2008). Reconciliation Australia’s main focus is towards ‘a fair and safe civilization while giving Indigenous Australians the same opportunities and rights as non-indigenous Australians through valuing diversity and networking together’ (Australian Government, 2008).

These topics are quite deep and could be taught at a base level in primary school because not only all children but all people need to know about and how to reconcile with others. These topics could definitely be taught in high school and in its entirety especially in the latter years (11 and 12) because we need to be open about what has happened so the next generation don’t make the same mistakes.

What do you think?

From Paul Jak.

Reference List

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