Saturday, August 29, 2009

Emerging Technologies

Some schools still do not have enough computers for the amount of students in the school and how long have computers been available and affordable for?  Money is and probably always will be limited to schools from the government because it simply costs too much to resource all public schools.
Of course, if the programs are free or of very low cost for schools it still opens students up to more possible bullying and stranger danger which are very serious issues.
If I had to solve this problem right now I would choose to allow students to access these sites and technology at school.  If performed under teacher supervision, across networks that are available for students only, with passwords and access only from school and government 'watch dogs' filtering all sites, it is certainly possible. I know the danger is still there but with the right education it allows students to access new technologies and possibly learn at fast and more efficient rates.
What are your thoughts?
From Paul Jak.

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