Saturday, August 29, 2009

Re: Scot - Connectivism

Hi Scot,
Thanks for your reply.
The cost issue begins when I apply connectivism in the classroom. The government is spending around, ???US$1.3 billion over 6 years on technology for the schools of Australia to make sure there is a computer for every child at school and this is to be done by 2011??? (Kwok, 2009).
Of course having never heard of connectivism before I only know one way to apply it and that is through using tools such as blogger to comment on with other students and video conferences with professionals on the applicable topic, hence the internet and computers. I???m sure connectivism could be applied in ways I don???t know about but this seems to be a good way through using technology.
As some students still do not have a computer at home (there???s 2 in my class this year) this would have to be done at school so for me to ???achieve learning outcomes for all students??? (Smith and Lynch, 2006, p. 54) there is a cost for schools and the government for computers and internet access.
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