Saturday, August 29, 2009

Re: Emerging Technologies

G'day Paul and all,
Technology is not the only thing emerging.
I see problems with the whole system of education using technology.
Problem 1. Cost and quality, the Rudd Government's promises of a tech revolution in schools is already under serious doubt with even the intro of laptops for each high schooler falling behind. How will the costs of bandwidth, vandalism and theft, storage and tech support be funded as they increase? I have seen a high school whose intranet is at breaking point two years after a major upgrade and one teacher in charge and overwhelmed. In the end government spending will always be lower than needed and ICT's are high cost and quickly obsolete.
Problem 2. Over-site, if you need to open up the parameters of search and access then the job of over-site becomes that much harder. Again I have tried to physically tried oversee a wall of laptop covers in a typical classroom and it was impossible. I know this is a physical problem with students facing a teacher in rows but even in groups or plenty of room to spread out calls for major changes. Then there is technical over-site requiring more software and personnel. Systematic overhaul!
Problem 3. Equity, even if we can provide high quality ICT's and support to every child a fair amount are not engaged by computers so a whole set of resources need to be provided for them.
I am not being a Luddite or a doomsayer, all I am saying is that with the hyper-pace of change the classroom model is already obsolete and economic rationalism will not help it's revival. The trend already started with IT courses at TAFE and even university with the saying being "If you are studying IT, you are already to far behind!"
Homeschooling like the home office will be the prerogative of the affluent and (tech) literate.
What do you think?

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