Thursday, August 27, 2009

Broken on Avatars


After spending much time creating an avatar and a message to attach to my blog the site wouldn’t allow me to register so once again my work was lost. I’m getting quite upset now with the whole E-learning experience, especially when everything takes so long and there should at least be some way to save work on these sites so what is created is not lost.

I guess an avatar could be useful for younger students who don’t know how to write and this gives them the opportunity to get around that by using people or animals with a microphone to replace writing. After much time spent trying to find real life avatar application within the classroom I’m disappointed in the minimal information out there on this and in myself for not being able to find adequate information.

The educational rationale application could be helpful in terms of where students have access to vast information giving them the opportunity to be lifelong learners as long as they have the skills to find the information they need, as I have recently found out.

Conceptual frameworks sounded so great when I first found out about them but do they work in the classroom. I haven’t found one example where they effectively work with technology in the classroom.

How did you go?

Find anything useful?

From Paul Jak.

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